This course, designed specifically for the magazine editor, will cover topics like:

  • Develop a magazine profile: Learn how to identify your target audience and craft and use a mission statement and editorial plan.
  • Principles of editorial planning: Learn how to lead planning meetings and teach your staff the rules of successful brainstorming.
  • Manuscript editing: Learn the four steps of editing and how a style sheet can bring consistency to your magazine.
  • Solving manuscript problems: How to identify and solve the common problems you’ll encounter in manuscripts.
  • Working with writers: Discover how to find, train, and keep writers.
  • Selecting and shaping manuscripts: You’ll develop a procedure for article selection and dealing with articles that need to be rewritten.
  • Leads and conclusions: Tips for writing compelling leads and conclusions that leave a strong impression.
  • Reader research: How research can help make your magazine more effective. Here’s a description of the types of research and how to get the most from your research.
  • Production: Develop and use a production grid to ensure the magazine is completed on time with a minimum of stress.
  • Digital publishing: Creating a digital magazine.


Meet your trainers:

Camerin Courtney

Carla Foote

Jeremy Weber

Tuition includes the following course materials:

  • 1 Editing the Magazine manual*
  • Trainer handouts

*Additional manuals will be available to purchase at the conference.



This conference is best experienced by teams of 3 people—each person in a separate course. Take a look at the other possibilities and think of who you can invite.