Magazine Design

This course, crafted specifically for those involved with the design of the magazine, will cover topics like:

  • The magazine’s visual identity: How a strong brand will nurture and sustain a relationship with readers.
  • Words and images: Combine them strategically to create a sense of purpose in each magazine spread.
  • The design elements: Know and use them effectively to create meaningful experiences for readers.
  • Typography: Select and arrange typography according to principles of legibility, hierarchy, contrast, consistency, and appropriateness.
  • Magazine architecture: Develop flexible templates for departments, create a design system, and identify usage standards.
  • The magazine cover: Explore how to develop a cover style, select a primary image, and combine the various elements to make an effective design.
  • Design on a modest budget: Learn how to use typography, texture, backgrounds, screens, tints, scale, and contrast to enhance design possibilities on a modest budget.
  • Redesign: How to re-evaluate the magazine’s voice and develop a redesign strategy.


Meet your trainers:

Anne Elhajoui

Rick Szuecs

Dr. Tamara Welter

Tuition includes the following course materials:

  • 1 Design for Magazines manual*
  • Trainer handouts

*Additional manuals will be available to purchase at the conference.



This conference is best experienced by teams of 3 people—each person in a separate course. Take a look at the other possibilities and think of who you can invite.