Magazine Training International is a non-profit mission whose passion is to see lives changed as vital Christian magazines in the Developing World make an impact for Christ on their communities and nations.

Our goal is to provide professional training and resources to those God has called to the ministry of Christian magazine publishing. They are courageous men and women, often working in nearly impossible circumstances, who are determined to produce quality publications that honor God and serve their readers.

MTI has been active in Eastern Europe since 1989, in the countries of the former Soviet Union since 1996, and in Asia since 2000, providing consulting help and organizing some 70 conferences and courses on every facet of magazine publishing.


Our mission

To encourage, strengthen, and provide training and resources to Christian magazine publishers as they seek to build the church and reach their societies for Christ.

Our goal

To equip publishing professionals and develop leaders who can strengthen Christian magazine publishing in their regions and around the world.

Our ministry philosophy

We believe that God has called thousands of people around the world to publish Christian magazines. Many of these people have little or no experience in publishing, but are strongly motivated to publish, and want to make their magazines stable and effective. Our goal is to place in their hands the tools they need to carry out the vision God has given them, whether to publish for a church audience or an un-churched audience.

We believe that with the proper resources these magazine professionals could go on to train others in their own countries, regions, or elsewhere around the world. For this reason, we not only hold conferences and offer materials for the professional enrichment of individual publishing staff, but we produce materials they can use to train others. For a more complete statement on this, click here for a short article in PDF format entitled, “Fishburgers or fishing tackle.”

Our training philosophy

The trainers MTI invites to our conferences are experienced professionals who are active in magazine publishing. We feel this is important because the magazine publishing industry is changing as new technology and media trends develop. It is essential that the trainer is not only aware of the issues, but can teach effectively concerning the changes from his or her personal experience.